Makueni Governor Want Kalonzo leadership Audited


By mukeli muli

3rd January 2019

Details have emerged Makueni Governor prof kibwana is being misused by political mafia to distabilize Kalonzo Musyoka politically ahead of 2022 presidential succesion.The question is who who is using the good professor? Is wiper leader Dr. Kalonzo Musyoka aware that prof Kibwana might be under influential individual to fight him? Kalonzo is not an elected leader to be audited.

Part of Kalonzo political audit is that he has offered political scaffold for Kibwana, Dr Mutua and many other politicians in ukambani to grow from. He has been a mediator, brokering peace in times when Kenya was going almost to dogs. The man was a successful diplomat and he introduced great reforms in the ministry of education and in prisons.

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Makueni Nominated Wiper MCA hon Mbula Mutula has told the Governor “Before he calls for an audit of Kalonzo’s leadership, we will first deal with Makueni audit first…Thwake,Kalamba fruit processing, Shina Foundation,Governors residence and many more,Are you forgetting it’s in the public domain absorption rate is now at 3% and recurrent is high at 94%. What is that money doing and many projects are dead. He’s not Mr. Clean and we would love the auditors to start with these projects first. Kalonzo is not an elected leader to be audited ….Kibwana should stop taking his jokes too far,it can be so dangerous.

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My simple yet workable advice to those aspiring to become kamba political kingpins, work your way to the position and if you have to undermine Kalonzo then don’t be a windbag, don’t be so rhetoric, give us your alternative leadership and your specific goals.

Let leaders work together and though differences are expected, Let community interests be the guiding Principle not petty politics and blame games. Let Devolution not cheat you,it came the other day.

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