Makueni Governor Prof Kibwana Wins banquet of Praise from Netizen


By justus Mutua

The residents across the political spectrum continue to shower praise for makueni Governor prof Kibwana for his brilliant and transformational leadership in makueni county.

It is, of course, a privilege that you have been the governor to the potentially greatest county in the country despite the fierce opposition that you faced in the warm-up to the first term leadership. The residents offer you belated congratulations and extend my best wishes, top political pundit in makueni said

For more reasons than one, I consider you to be immensely blessed by God for the opportunity to be our governor at this very troubled time in the country’s history when we are still nurturing devolution. The Kamba people say it is in the period of war that you know the most valiant of men. So, for you to have been at the helm at this point when many counties are bogged with challenges that threaten their very existence, presents an unparalleled opportunity for you to write your name in gold.

“Your noble work , which is still being fought by some of your opponents, is evidently hinged on the trust that makueni people have in your ability not just to change this county (as you promised in the warm-up to the 2013 elections) but to also take the county to the next level in line with your most recent manifesto. #andumbee.
Makuenians, most of them that is, love you to bits. And I think that is for two analogous reasons.

The first is their belief that you mean well for the county. And in addition to that, enemies of the people who despise the impact that ”corruption” has played in the ”underdevelopment” of the county love the Spartan life for which you are not known for.

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Residents believe that your example should instill some discipline in the polity and change the County for good and would vote for you third time if there was an opportunity to do so. Truth must, however, be told, Your Excellency, when push comes to shove, none of these sentiments is enough to take Makueni out of the doldrums that it was previously in before devolution.

I once read about an American president who was referred to as ”AN HONEST ABE” during his term and got the votes of the people in the early part of the last century. He went by the name, Abraham Lincoln. He was elected as the 16th president of the United States in 1860 and took office in March the following year. And with the benefit of hindsight, historians suggest that Lincoln, who was elected after the visionary campaign slogan successfully oversaw in the delivery of his promise and leaving an enduring legacy by which history could remember him for.

Even though he meant well and assured Americans that he was going to make the country better, analysts opine that he could communicate his message effectively, because he truly had a sound idea what this slogan meant. And as a result, Lincoln is now seen as one of the best leaders that the US ever produced. An article on the website of the University of Virginia, Miller Center, says this about the masterly understood where he wanted to take the nation… it was his own vision and his good sense of priorities that positioned him so high in the ranking of (the) US Presidents.

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Today, when American presidents are being discussed, this gentleman and a few others like him astronomically appear when records of overwhelming performances are opened. That, to my mind, is the story of a man who had his eyes on posterity, a man who lived for the moment and carved his name in the hearts of the people of America. This is a prospect that you, Mr. Governor, must focus.

While one commends you for the gains that you have made in these areas and some others that you do not get to speak about so often, let me advise that you consider one thing of utmost importance for the development of this county.

The first very important issue that your administration must handle with urgency is the universal job creation of the youth.
The residents of makueni are confident that you are conversant with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. There are 17 of them, all of which are believed to be prerequisites to a world where everyone would have a sense of fulfilled livelihood.

The 16th goal is to “promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.” Even if this is the only thing, you can do further to enhance it in our county, it is one for which this county and its generations will forever remember you as it would see everyone as part of the county working in unity for the development of the county.

And finally, it is this related trouble of youth unemployment, that is a time-bomb that is ticking away in our presence, one which may consume the country and its future if something is not done urgently. And what to do should be far deliberate and sustainable. With the proper education of its children.

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Makueni should explore the limitless opportunities in the agriculture, culture and sports sectors to engage its youths. By painstakingly developing these sectors and providing the enabling environment for millions of our citizens to take up opportunities that exist therein, Makueni would be diversifying its economy, gainfully engaging its youths, and saving itself from the dangers that an idle but youthful and energetic population brings on societies.

Where you are today, Sir, nothing but the urge to create positive memories that will last more than one life should be your single-minded pursuit.
During one of the debates that you had before the last elections, you had rightly indicated that the primary objective to contain poverty was to ensure youth get busy in a meaningful job to avoid idleness in towns chewing Muguka.

“As right as you were, Mr. Governor, the failure we have in this sector has contributed to the increasing wave of insecurity in the county. And if we do not do anything now, one can only imagine what the future portends for the youth.

This is a national emergency with the potential of taking global proportions if a concerted effort is not immediately taken. Your Excellency can you kindly consider galvanizing actions on this front? It would be a step for which history will never forget your legacy I pray that God Almighty will lead you right.