No Kangaroo Senate For Makueni – Governor


We have seen a document in circulation which has apparently been tabled at the Senate sittings by Senator Ledama ole Kina purporting to have received the “petition” from (faceless) residents of Makueni.

Fundamentally important to note is that Senate PAC is not a kangaroo court that entertains all manner of flimsy allegations. As per mandate, Senate PAC interrogates AUDITED ACCOUNTS of County Governments. For the Chair of PAC to allow tabling of an unauthenticated document full of unsubstantiated and fictitious allegations and that has no author is to sacrifice the objectivity and sincerity of the respectable Committee.


We are dismayed and indeed surprised that as ourselves were preparing to make appearance before the committee to respond to genuine audit queries, the Senate PAC Chair, his committee and local senators were in a conspiracy to come corner us with a strange, unauthenticated and unsubstantiated document!! Has the committee enjoined itself into the body-fibre of local politics? Has the committee become partisan hatchet men even at the expense of the Standing Orders and Parliamentary Procedures?

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I did write to the Senate Clerk informing him of my unavailability due to prior diarized engagements outside the country and asking for deferment (including bringing our appearance earlier than previously scheduled). I even went a step further to call the PAC chair in the same regard and explained. My Deputy was ready to step in and represent us accompanied by our Finance team. The Chair advised me that only the governor would be allowed to make presentations and or be interrogated. I’m very shocked to learn that the PAC chair said that I absconded the invite without any explanation.

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I wish to reiterate that Makueni County Government under my leadership has always readily honoured previous such invitations in the spirit of transparency and in furtherance of good governance. We still remain committed to that cause.


Kivutha Kibwana.
Governor, Makueni.