Makueni County succession Politics taking shape



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Kibwana to determine who between Mutula Jnr or Patrick Musimba will be the Governor

As the 2022 Makueni gubernatorial succession debate continues to heat up, there are claims that prof Kibwana will be a determinant factor on who will be the next Makueni Governor.

The debate about who between Mutula Kilonzo Junior and Patrick Mweu Musimba should take over from Kivutha Kibwana continue to elicit untold bitterness and frustrations among politicians and voters.

Makueni County is expected to be hotter than hell, the debate rages on in every meeting on who is suitable to replace the good professor who is currently celebrated by Kenyan over his leadership skills.

“The county diary editors are certain, not sure either of the duos wants to be the governor. We can only suppose Nothing bars them from doing so.

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From the outset, we don’t know either of the two at a personal level, so the county diary blog submission is given on a neutral ground.

Junior entered politics by a fate, After the passing away of his dear father, the preferred person to take over from him was Kethi Kilonzo, Junior’s sister. We all know what happened. The fate swung to Junior, who easily sailed through after the then Cord party played victim card.

In the subsequent election of 2017, the political matrix of the time favored Junior so much that he garnered almost all the votes.
Musimba, on his part, had to contest – twice- with political maverick Kalembe Ndile in 2013. Being an independent candidate, he weathered storm after storm and emerged the winner. In 2017, he was alone against an avalanche of opposition from NASA coalition.

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That he triumphed against the prevailing political winds of the time is an indictment of his popularity and the love the electorate have in him. A lesser mortal would have fallen by the wayside.

Who between the two can make a good county manager?

Mutula’s primary duty is to oversight and represents his county. Are things so smooth in Makueni that there is nothing Junior can point out have rectified? Why is he so quiet?

Why is he always visible or vocal on TV or on radio, but shy away from confronting the leadership of the county? These are some of the questions being asked by electorates.

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Hon Musimba, on his part, has been lauded for good use of his NG CDF, a major reason for his reelection. The people of Makueni need water more than anything else, and on that score, Musimba has delivered. What if he was the custodian of the billions of money Makueni county receives? We would probably have seen exponential growth in our county. “We don’t know.

What Makueni needs is not flowery talk and no results, but tangible development growth that can only be realized through getting the right, Another question is who is the Governor’s Kibwana preferred candidate to succeed him? We don’t know.