Make Children as Many as Possible, Billionaire tells Kenyan.


By yoana kimwele

Kenya billionaire jimi wangigi has caused a storm on social media over his calls to consummate and bore More children saying greatness is in the numbers, Make children as many as possible.

You know wazungu for many years have misled us” you don’t have enough resources, have only two children ” don’t make more children, you are poor, this narrative has been I’ll advised,greatness is in children the more we increase the more we will be powerful ”
Greatness is in the numbers, China Today is great today is great because of numbers, Japan is great today because of numbers, Nigeria is great because of Numbers India is great because of Numbers “Make Children in family set up, unfortunately if not possible ..Make it elsewhere…let’s grow our Numbers we have resources in Kenya to sustain our numbers.

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