The rising cases of gender based violence and domestic/marital abuse and violence is an ugly reality of our times that should concern any person of even average intelligence. The traditional way of thinking is being challenged by a very fast changing world.

Gender roles which we have held on fast for millenia are losing sense now. For instance, the idea that man is the provider in a family is almost nonsensical nowadays. Women are able to provide, sometimes even at a higher capacity than men.

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For the average person, their identity is tied to socially determined roles. When these roles change or are challenged, the result is loss of identity(who I Am), and because we live to defend our identity,whatever we take it to be, the result of that defense is conflict, with the inevitable abuse, violence and death.

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Its time we found out who we are, outside of our socially assigned roles and expectations, otherwise the trend continues.

Take the existential question, “WHO AM I?” very seriously, for your salvation lies in the answer you find for it.