Madam Kivoto Hosts Holiday bash for Elderly Persons


Madam Kivoto, the spouse of eng Eng Kivoto on 30-31st hosted a profound party for elderly and senior citizens in Kitui County.

The party that went down at the Kivotos residents attracted elderly people drawn from Kanziku, Kituvwi, and Muthue.

“They all had an opportunity to enjoy the goodness of the lord in the land of the living, “what a blessing when you dine with our old Mothers!” Said our source at the biggest bash of the year populated only by the elderly.

The two days event kicked off On 30th at kanziko, kisuna then on 31st they Visited kituvwi in the morning then the main Bash was at the family residence on the same day.

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Madam Gladys Kivoto has occasionally and annually been organising Meet up for the elderly from kanziku when she hosts them, she gives them food, clothing, soaps, and other personal amenities. “She always brings them together for a come together to party, they say charity begins at home! Mutua muli said.

The idea which was conceived way back 2016 by Madam kivoto, has seen a number of people benefit from her initiative.

The purpose of the idea is to bring elderly parents on board, have a fan, allow elderly in our society to enjoy themselves just like other people, and learn from each other, When the elderly people are at peace with us, we shall have a consecrated life, Madam kivoto said**.

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The Pastor Nicolas Preaching on the function urged young people to be at peace with their parents so that they can have blessing,

The pastor also asked elderly people to speak positively on their children and avoid uttering words that can destroy them, so that they can have a peaceful life.

Speaking at the function, the senior elderly persons praised Madam Kivoto for remembering them, Over 800 elderly persons attended the annual come together bash.

Although she did not want the media to cover the annual event for the elderly, since we were around, we had to, after seeing how the Mothers were happy of the bash.

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It has been a blessing hosting the elderly persons in our society. Gladys Kivoto told County Diary, the event was attended by area MCA Hon James Munuve among other locals.

Madam kivoto said she shall continue to hold a bash for the elderly persons, assist them in all basic needs so as long the lord enables her, she asked for the people to pray for her so that the lord will enable her to extend her initiative.

Pastor Nicolas while preaching asked people who are well able to emulate the good deeds of madam kivoto and do such initiatives.