Keep Off WAITA Nzioka – Machakos Women Slams Wavinya Ndeti over Incitement – VIDEO



Keep off WAITA Nzioka, angry Machakos Women Tell off Wavinya Ndeti over Incitement, trending video.

Angry Machakos Women have come out gun blazing agains Wiper gubernatorial candidate Hon Wavinya Ndeti for allegedly claiming that she has sexually assaulted by Waita Nzioka during the recent azimio rally.

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The women have accused the embattled wavinya Ndeti of running mouths and urged her to sell her agenda if any to the people of Machakos county instead of inciting other women saying she was assaulted by her competitor Hon Waita Nzioka.

The woman said Waita Nzioka who is also running for Governor in Machakos, the women said Nzioka is a straight man and man of high repute who doesn’t do petty politicking.

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They asked waving Ndeti to accept the fact that Hon Waita Nzioka is the next Governor of Machakos.

In addition, the women asked wiper leader Dr. Stephen Kalonzo to keep off Machako’s Politics and allow the two to compete fairly.