Maai Chief Castrates Young Man: Takes Away kshs 82,000



By county diary

A young man from Mwingi Central in Nguni division, John Muli, is nursing serious injuries at his Kalwa home and his manhood permanently shattered after being given dog beating by administrator.

It is alleged that the Maai location chief Mr. Jeremiah Muthusi manhandled him after he was reported to his office. John was beaten to a pulp and has now been declared castrated by medics in Mwingi Level four hospital.

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It is alleged that John was taken to the chief for stealing kshs 82,000. The chief beat him up and dumped him in the forest to die, and took the ksh 82,000.

The chief is said to have not reported him to the police as is required by law.

John was collected by a passerby who took him to Mwingi level 4 hospital for medication. Upon examination, he was declared castrated and treated for pains. He is at home Kalwa Ngomeni ward.

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Kitui county national youth council who spoke to the county diary, this is what he had to say, ” We have taken up this matter about the poor young man. It is being addressed. It was bad to have castrated him. This is taking the law into one’s hands.

We are gathering all the necessary information. The kshs 82,000 allegedly stolen by John and taken by chief has so far been recovered.

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Mr. John Multi will get justice. If the chief is found guilty, he will pay for his actions. Thanks a lot. Aggrey Nzomo added.