It’s done deal as Lydia Mutambu “MAMA Central” Charms Mwingi Voters



Mwingi Central Mp Hopeful Hon Lydia Mutambu has continued to stand out as the best choice for electorates in August polls.

The popular Jubilee Mp hopeful for Mwingi central Parliamentary race is causing sleepless night to the current political establishment in the area.

The people are yarning for change, they have vowed to make difference in this election. “We are re opening a new page and a new chapter of Mwingi central this August” Lydia Mutambu wrote on her social media sites.

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“I’m committed to delivering all my promises for Mwingi central to make the headway. The discourse is pinned on working together to get a leadership that’ll have the interests of the people at heart”.

The message of Change was well decrypted in Mwingi Central Ward at Kitinga, Mathyakani, Ngunini and summed up my itinerary at Mulang’a. She wrote.

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