Love is the Highest Vibration Of Energy, Fear is the Lowest.


By loe Mdoe

4th, January 2018

Did you know love is the highest vibration of energy, fear is the lowest, and in between are the numerous oscillations which we are all aware of, manifested in the many emotional moods!

We are all evolving towards the highest vibratory frequency of love, and indeed, we all get a glimpse of it from time to time, in those rare moments when the ego mind is in total abeyance, the totally selfless states when we are completely “not there”!

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A higher conciousness takes over and we feel totally at one with everything! This happens when we fall in love, when we are high on certain drugs or in deep meditative states.Everybody is innately aware that such a state exists, and it is what everybody is in search for, some conciously, many unconciously! It is a deep state of utter contentment, surrender, fearlessness and unassailable security!

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Thats what you are seeking by accumulating alot of money, alot of friends, alot of knowledge! Man wouldn’t seek for something that he had no idea it existed somehow! This is what we have called “God”, and everyone is in the search for the same, though labels may differ and methods of the search vary, the search is the same and the ultimate experience the same.The objective of all spiritual seeking is how to enter into that experience or state, and ABIDE in it as Jesus would put it.

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Religions thrive in their present form because many dont beleive it is possible to find the state and abide in it eternally! I tell you, it is possible and meditation is the master key!