By County  DiaryAgencies

It is obvious that love is a feeling, but it is not so obvious that this feeling must result from an act of will motivated by intelligence. So love is certainly intelligence.

If you truly look at any single issue in the full scope it deserves, you will have to conclude that hatred is ignorant, no matter how justified it may appear. It is a lack of intelligence.

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There are, of course, many forms of hatred that are never acknowledged as such; there are also many degrees. Lack of love can simply manifest in separateness, in hopelessness, in lack of faith, in depression, in a bleak vision of the universe, in fears, in feeling victimized.

It can also manifest in resentment, blame, hostility, and overt hatred, with many shades in-between.

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Love is certainly pure intelligence and reason. The deeper the understanding of the prevailing circumstances, the farther the vision goes, the closer the person is to the truth, the less will it be possible to experience hate, and the more love must grow.