Love him or hate him he is not your ordinary fellow.


By Muli

Social media platforms drive has been a major source of news across the globe

So who is young Kimwele? The proclaimed popular blogger yoana kimwele has a gift that is rare, love him or hate him he has a special skill and gift among his peers.

He runs the biggest Facebook group in kitui county dubbed Kitui county forum which has close to 100K members,

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He was very critical to the last regime of Dr. Julius Malombe. he also runs the county diary blog

He is a businessman, A blogger who also runs the most popular WhatsApp forum called kitui professional chat, the most discussed forum in kitui, the forum comprises all elected leaders and the most influential individuals in from kitui

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Yoana kimwele is able to control what is supposed to be discussed in kitui for a week he is among the most influential online influencers in Kenya.

His close link with the current county government has caused jittery among his close friends who are on the side of the political divide

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