Tseikuru MCA Kilaa Warns of ‘Wanton Destruction’ As Locust Siege Mwingi



Kenyan authorities appeared clueless on what ways and means to employ in order to combat the wanton destruction wrought by millions of desert locusts running roughshod in 5 Counties – as the historical invasion entered it’s third week in a row.


But even as authorities appeared to be clutching at straws, Wiper MCA in Mwingi North Hon. Kilaa appealed to concerned authorities to start combating swarms of millions of desert locusts which have pitched camps in his Tseikuru Ward Mwingi Sub-County, Kitui.

Authorities response by spraying the vile, voracious and destructive insects, has been seen to bring no end to the menance.

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The national Government appears overwhelmed and clueless on how to queul the insects whose wanton appetite for green vegetation is catacylismic.

The apocalyptic insects, whirring through the air like army battalions in their trillions are currently destroying large swathes of vegetation across Kenya.

“The insects will make a landfall possibly in Kyuso tomorrow. The invasion could spell doom to hundreds of farmers in Tseikuru and adjoining areas — despite the strides made by the current rains” said the MCA.

Speaking to The COUNTY DIARY, Tseikuru Ward MCA Kilaa has described the desert locustsbinvasion as ‘catastrophic.

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‘“This is a national calamity and I urge county government in conjuction with National Government to move with speed and curb this disaster in waiting” said Kilaa.

The vile desert locusts in their millions, flying at 7Km per hour were first sighted at Kavou in Kaningo and within no time they had moved to Kasaini, Mathunyani and masyungwa, the Wiper MCA said.

“Reports reaching me indicate they are spending the night at kyuso” Kilaa, the Budget and Appropriation Committee Chairman at the Kitui County Assembly said today.

“We thank God for pouring heavy rains and we got very high yield, now these pests can easily bring serious hunger in our community. So far we are not feeling much presence of the govts other than just words.

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No tangible actions have been felt on the ground. I Have been advised by experts that even more could come tomorrow or this week following the same route. It could get worse.

I therefore urge my people to be more vigilant and give shou after sighting an approaching swarm.

God bless us and bless people of Tseikuru and Kitui county” said the MCA

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