Locals adulate Ngilu Over her exemplary Leadership.



Yoana kimwele

The residents of kitui county have something to be proud of Courtesy of the The able leadership of Governor Ngilu, we shall always be there her based on her track record Mama Mwende from Mwingi west told our repouters, again and again i will definitely cast my vote for mama Charity Ngilu because of the following reasons:

1. HEALTHCARE in Kitui County is very much improved under her leadership.
There are more drugs in health facilities across the county.
There are more health practitioners than ever before and this is public knowledge so dont even bother to mislead people.

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There is a CT scan for the first time in KItui County. There is an Amenity ward for the first first time in Kitui County.

There is Universal healthcare (KCHIC) for the first time in Kitui county and our people are being treated at affordable and subsidized rates

For the first time in Kitui County last year we dint have mwolyo brought in for our people because our people produced more starting with Ndengu revolution.

Ngilu has given support to our mango farmers and processors than any other regime.

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Ngilu is currently running a livestock improvement programme through AI at zero cost for livestock farmers that will see cows in this county multiply year over year.

There is better accessibility to water in Kitui County that in the previous regime. She has rehabilitated more boreholes than any other leadership. She has through the water department drilled more boreholes than any other leadership in this county. Alot more needs to be done though in this area of water.

There is better and wider issuance of bursaries under her leadership compared to the previous regime.

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There is a textile centre in Kitui for the first time, that will employ our young people, create more job opportunities through the supply chain, and bring in more revenue through sales.

Lastly Governor Ngilu is just over one year in office. In the fullness of time the people of Kitui County will audit her performance vs her manifesto and decide what to do.

Please feel free to keep bashing and abusing Governor Ngilu and hope that it sticks. Those of us who support her like me will continue to choose results over propaganda and gossip. Kura ziko kwa wananchi.