Lillian Muli Instagram Confessions Sets internet ablaze


Celebrated Citizen TV Prime News anchor Lillian Muli this week took some time off the studio to share her emotional adventures to her fans.

She also threw in her tough life lessons on her Instagram page.

The celebrity who has over 2 million followers on her Instagram account confessed how she overcame an abusive relationships to be where she is at the moment – her zenith in showbiz industry.

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The renowned news anchor certainly panned out narrating how two abusive relationships ended up serving her with the most important lesson to date.

She opened the floor for her followers to ask her anything and when the subject of relationships came up, it blasted the Internet into flames.

“It is so sad to see so many people in pain. I have seen all your messages and for those who have lived through that and overcome, I am so happy for you.

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I have to go to bed now but after going through the same at least twice in my life, I realised I was attracting the same characters in my relationships because I was attracted to a certain type.

“You must put an end to attracting a certain type. Take time to heal and then really take time before you open up to someone close,” she advised.