Now Lets Emulate Nehemiah, Join Hands In Prayer To Rebuild Our Beloved County Together



“Now these are your servants and your people, whom you have redeemed by your great power, and by your strong hand” Nehemiah 01:10

My mind quickly led me to the historical book of Nehemiah in the Bible when I learnt that the Kitui County treasury registry block had been razed down by an early morning inferno today (Monday).This is the second time in two years that fire has broken out early in the morning in county government premises to destroy property and valuable records.

Worth noting is that the registry (as it’s popularly known along the corridors and amongst county staff ) is not just any other ordinary block or hall where staff work from, It is the unit where all financial records in the county government are stored after processing.

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Simply, it is where all payment vouchers – for staff and contractors- are kept upon payment.One has to obtain approval from the chief officer (County treasury) before going into or obtaining any voucher from the registry.

Thus, someone would as well expect the building to be fortified from thuggery, accidents, fires or other tragedies.That many Kitui residents were left heartbroken and in lamentation after the incident is no secret because the burning down of the county registry comes fast on the heels of another early morning inferno that burned down the tourist building which housed the county human resources unit and other sectoral offices early 2018.

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Investigations are still ongoing close to two years after the tragedy,Many rushed to social media to express their anger and devastation following the loss of public property in that inferno which could have been avoided.

They questioned the preparedness of the county government on matters disaster as well as safety of public property,Most were evidently pained. Me too. And it was justifiable.

It is such pain that led Nehemiah to sit down, weep and mourn for many days when he was informed that the wall of Jerusalem (his city of birth) was broken down and it’s gates burned with fire. (Nehemiah 01:04)

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Who would not cry for their beloved city or county following such destructive events,And like Nehemiah, I confess the sins of the residents of Kitui County which we have sinned against God to suffer losses year after year from fires, calamities and other profligate activities by ourselves.

Let Him (God) hear our prayers as a county and keep us safe from future natural or man made disasters as well as restore our lost riches and glory.”O Lord, I pray, please let your ear be attentive to the prayer of your servant, and to the prayer of your servants who desire to fear your name” Nehemiah 01:11