Lihud Executive Member Eng Kakundi & Katungi Inspects Roads in Mwingi


By county diary

The county government top officials led by CEC Ben Katungi for adminstration office of The Governor and CEC Jacob Kakundi for LIHUD on Thursday afternoon visited Endui region in waita ward in Mwingi Central sub county.

The county executive members were on county project inspection tour, they started by inspecting Mutwangombe – Mbamoki-kivui -muono -Nyaanyaa to Ngaie road which needs special attention and assured the residents that they will get a permanent solution.

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The ministers also reiterated the government commitment to service delivery and assured the resident of mutwangombe that they will soon get water which has been passing through the market, Eng Kakundi had the opportunity to inspect the road which had been graded during the 50km per ward program, the Executive member assured the residents that the bending electric posts will be rectified soon with immediate effect.

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