Life is the ultimate value Not The Material Possession, Think about it


Life is a gift of infinite value, and one should not waste it. It is a great opportunity to grow, to be, and one should not just go on drifting. Because we have got it without paying anything for it, that’s why we think it is valueless. One goes on living as if it is of not much significance.

We pay attention, more attention, to the very trivial things – a big house, money, prestige, respectability – but we never think about life and its intrinsic value. Everything else is just trivial in comparison to life. So the greatest blessing has already happened.


By being alive one has already been accepted by god, has already been presented with a great gift. By being alive you have already been loved by the whole. That’s why you are; otherwise you would not be. The whole
wills you to be, the whole celebrates your being, the whole is happy that you are. So never put anything above life – everything else is just below it. Life is the ultimate value.

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Everything can be sacrificed for life, and life cannot be sacrificed for anything whatsoever. People have been taught to sacrifice life for worthless things. For money, sacrifice your life. For respect, sacrifice your life. For honour, sacrifice your life.

For politics, for christianity, for hinduism, for so- called religions, sacrifice your life. People have been taught to sacrifice life at the drop of a penny, Whatsoever happens, simply sacrifice your life.

Life is the ultimate value.

Everything can be sacrificed to life. Life cannot be sacrificed to anything – because life is God, Think about it