Let’s Embrace Technology to Better Our yield- Ngilu Tells farmers


THURSDAY 7, March 2018

By Gabriel Ndeleva/ Yoana kimwele

Her Excellency Governor Charity Ngilu today called on Kitui residents to embrace the use of technology in their farms to better their yields.

Speaking today at the launch of the subsidized farming program at Kitui bus park, the Governor said people can not confine themselves to continuous use of oxen pulled plows to till their farms and expect the yields to increase.

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“We can’t conform ourselves to the continuous use of oxen plows. We should make use of these tractors I’m launching today by paying the Ksh 1,000 per acre and get your farm tilled.” She said.

The Governor launched 40 tractors, to be distributed one per ward, which residents will be paying Ksh 1,000 per acre for fuel. The tractors will be managed by Ward Development Committees in coordination with the Ward Administrator.

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The launch of the tractors is a major boost to the Food and Water pillar, the first pillar in the five pillar Manifesto she campaigned on.

She also called upon other elected leaders to shun politicizing every project that she initiates, and think of how they’ll change positively the lives of the people who elected them office.

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Governor Ngilu further added that by next year, every ward will have two tractors, which will ease and fasten the process of preparing people’s farms for farming and taking the produce to the markets

” I will allocate more funds to the agriculture ministry to buy more tractors so that by next year, every ward will be having two tractors serving the ward residents,” Ngilu said.

“Kitui Mbee Nzei.