By Jm Musoma

After destroying our towns along Mombasa road with the Naivasha dry land port that saw East African truck drivers who brought millions to our regions withdrawn, they want to marginalize us again through a population-based revenue allocation formula?

Our communities may be small compared to theirs and that doesn’t mean we have no power over prime counties that want to arm-twist us. Let the populated Mount Kenya, Rift Valley, Nyanza and Western counties form their country and let us be.

They have good roads, hospitals and institutions of higher learning that former regimes denied. we but we still have power over them. Let us unite and secede to make them a landlocked country like Uganda. They will pay us taxes for importing through our ports in the coastal strip, visiting Tsavo National Park, they depend on us for Fruits and Livestock. We have the biggest share in Tourism and through our beach and hotels, we can milk them millions.

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Why should Southern & North Eastern Kenya continue begging like foreigners in the land of our ancestors and there is no law that forbids us from secession? We can unite and form an Ujamaa regime like in Tanzania that we may address historical injustices like land ownership. They will be foreigners in southern Kenya.

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We can expand Moi International Airport to outgrow JKIA, We will have Konza techno the biggest and Modern City in African. We have fourteen falls dams that produce electricity,
Mzima springs and Thwake Dam that can supply us with water. We have a decentralized country called KENYA MPYA with a Statehouse in Mombasa, Parliament in Konza and Industrial plants in North Eastern Counties.

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You can heed or ignore my advice but our decision will determine the happiness of our future generations.

Disclaimer:/ The opinion expressed on this article doesn’t represent the opinion of the management of the County diary. But of the Writer.

The write is a human rights activists ©Musoma_JM