Leave Mp Mwalika alone – Clueless Critics Told


Mp Mwalika Wins Banquet of praise from voters.

Despite doing the best for your people, clueless crititics and political dimwits will have their way to discredit you, this is according to Mutiso Muli, a voter based at Kyusyani who spoke to COUNTY DAIRY when our News Team sought his opinion regarding MP Mwalika

But even as the nondescript dimwits and stale wannabe politicians rant and rave, the development-concious Kitui Rural Member of Parliament Hon David Mboni Mwalika has continued to win banquets of praise from his voters due to his Unmatched Leadership skills.

The Manner in which he has Presided the Constituency Development fund (NG-CDF) in Transparency, accountability for the last two years, has disorganized his critics to the core, Mutiso Added.

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He was elected on Chama cha Mzalendo and has presided the Most transparency Constituency in kitui County.

In a publication that appeared in one of the gutter press, saying that ” Mp is Under siege, the Sponsored Article was Malicious and meant to tarnish the good name of the Mp, it was financed by his critics, a voter told us.

Mp is known to be a cool guy, down to earth, focused leader results oriented authority, he is loved, He listens and hated in equal measure.

Mboni Mwalika attracts both comrades and adversary with equal Measures, nevertheless, He is aggressive, comical, eloquent and commands a fanatic following inside the constituency spheres.

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Despite maintaining a low profile, The Mp has won the heart of the many, he has continued to win banquet of praises from residents, the COUNTY DIARY has learnt.

“According to residents who spoke to our News Desk, Voters have expressed their happiness, satisfaction and dignity to the manner in which member of Parliament is doing in the area.

“We thank the MP whose Constituency Development Fund board Members are transparency and value accountability in resources allocation. “I was given a bursary for my two children in Form 3 and 4 without hitches,” said Mutiso Mutie speaking to County Diary on phone.

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The NG -CDF under the leadership of Mwalika Bon has continued to issue NG-CDF funds in a modern and transparent manner based on the priority needs of the locals.

He’s simple and wears a smile, easily gets cosy with big and small fry making him the most sought after and easily accessible politicians in Kitui Rural constituency according to media reports, his competitors have had a hard time trying to discredit his Unmatched leadership skills.

Those who wish to unseat hon bony Mwalika by 2022 will have to work extra mile, using gutter press news to discredit Hon Mp will not work, Mwende business lady Based at kwa vonza told our reporters.