Leaders Urged to Put Kitui Ahead of personal Gains & keep off petty politicking


By yoana Kim| County diary

All politics is local. Competitors must learn that Kitui, Kenya or even Africa, in particular, that is the kind of politics. The kind that is selfish to a fault. The “what is in it for me” kind. Even our national politics is a mirror image of our village politics.

It’s exactly why grown men and women are fighting over a handshake. Until such a time when our politics become progressive, we are stuck here politically. Everyone must do what they must for their own survival. Mine was simply laying down the terrain.

The politics of opposing and trivializing everything will not work in this region take it to the bank, Kitui polished lawyer and political analyst told COUNTY DIARY If anything it is helping the current regime. Because, when you oppose something you better pray and hope it doesn’t work when it eventually works even a little bit, you very quickly become a prophet of doom.

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Ultimately every leader needs to keep fidelity to the law and remain accountable to the people. “I have every reason to believe that Governor Ngilu has followed laid down procedures and the letter and spirit of the law in anchoring her development programs and projects.

” Of course like in any enterprise or organization, there are gaps. However, there is a bit of over-exaggeration about the extent to which these gaps abound, If indeed what is being peddled is true, then in due time the law will take its course. Governor Ngilu operates in unique circumstances, in a fairly unique county.

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If she needs to deliver development and solve existing challenges faster, she will need to have a paradigm shift (which is what she has done since day one). Think outside the box and eliminate bottlenecks and red tape.

Competitors find this kind of thinking uncomfortable for their own good/politics. They would rather longer and slower processes so that they have something to keep hammering at.

The Governor Ngilu will not waste time attending to and babysitting feelings of people who are in competition with her, She is instead focused on delivering her development agenda in the best way she knows how.

The time for politics will come and voters will decide the fate of Kitui leadership not how noise the people opposed to her will do it,  let every leader stick to implementation of his or her manifesto.

Every elected leader has five years to do that which he was elected to do,  it’s the scorecard based on your successes and strengths that will help politicians .
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