Leaders Crown Mulyungi An Elder As MP Helps Raise Over 2M In Sunday Harambees



IVIANI, NUU– Philanthropic Wiper MP Gideon Mulyungi is basking in glory yet again.

Last Sunday more than 300 elders drawn from Nuu Ward were at hand to witness his political crowning.

The Nuu leaders accepted the Wiper MP to join their coveted ranks buoyed by the legislator’s admirable and ambitious development jaggernaut.

“This yet again cementing Mulyungi’s status in Kitui as “The Chosen One” said Mwende Salu.

Mulyungi, dazzling in his trademark and infectious charismatic element wholly accepted the elder political leadership reggalia that now fully elevates and cements the MP to his new status in Kambaland.

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“Today i will not speak about my popular transparent CDF bursaries. No. Today rather I will preach about my cohesive leadership train that promises to elevate us to a new level.

A new level that once again proclaims that the people of Mwingi and Kitui will shine again despite the setbacks we have recently witnessed” said the popular MP without elaborating, flanked by his 120 strong Nuu Ward development committee.

During the medieval Kamba traditional ceremony that took place at Iviani in Nuu Ward the prolific Wiper strongman was annointed with special salve oil.

He was also bequeathed with bow and arrows and a traditional kamba milk gouard meant to quench his thirst during his unstoppable political development expeditions that have left foes clutching at straws.

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“He is a Mutumia Wa Thome Wa Nuu. He is the God chosen leader that everyone has been waiting for–everyone can see that’ said Nuu Ward MCA Musili Kawaya, whose forays into Wiper party has proved Mulyungi cohesive force in Kitui politics.

Last week, more than 10 MCAs led by Kitui County Assembly majority leader Tangawizi termed Mulyungi as the ‘One We Have Been Waiting For’.

The MCAs were speaking at Kalitini in Mui Ward during the solemn funeral of the father to Mui MCA Kavolonza who was eulogised as a an academic development hero.

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“He rides roughshod over enemies of development like a colossus. Make no mistake – during a Tsunami it does not rain — it pours” said Mulyungi’s maverick press aide Mr. Patrick Kimanzi when quized by the Press over the ambitious new Mulyungi Tsunami Schools jaggernaut.

Meanwhile the philanthrophic MP Mulyungi on Sunday helped raise over Ksh 2M during various harambees across the 6 wards included Schools, Churches and Medical Bills fundraisers, reported the politician’s popular MPPRESS hashtag.