Lawyer Mathuva Mwalimu to headline washington POST



By county diary

Reliable Rumours have reached the county diary blog that Mathuva Charles Mwalimu (MCM) Advocate is due to be interviewed by The Washington Post next week.

Only last week Charles Mathuva won a case representing for free a Kyamandongoi village resident who had been falsely accused of attacking and killing a Somali bandit.

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Mathuva is scheduled to be interviewed by Washington Post on his role as a leading court martial lawyers where has represent tens if not hundreds of KDF soldiers.

For those in the dark, Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest Billionaire and owner of Amazon.

I lack time to remind you that not even our President Uhuru Kenyatta or Deputy President Dr. William Ruto or Raila or Kalonzo has ever been privileged to be interviewed by such esteemed

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Now, let me put things in perspective: The Washington Post website has a readership of 80.8 Million, almost double the population of Kenya.

Add to that the fact that the paper has a daily distribution of 474,767 and 838,064 on Sunday, virtually 8 times the readership of all Kenyan papers combined.

This is the conclusion of the matter: At the rate Mathuva is making moves, if you are interested in the Mwingi North MP seat, change your mind or wait to join Kavonokya if you escape Mathare after Mathuva takes it by landslides

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