Accolades As Researcher Kyalo Muthuka Presents Maternal Health (IRIS) at Singapore Medical Consortium


By PATRICK KIMANZI & Correspondents

NAIROBI– Budding Kenyan medical/health research scientist and lecturer Kyalo John Muthuka who last week was in Asia (Singapore) with a research talk dissemination under MCH, Neonatology & Pediatrics has put KMTC and indeed Kenya and Africa on the global medical research map, COUNTY DIARY reports.

Under his conference sub-cohort, the young eminent resercher was among other 4 africans at the recent Asian health research consortium caucus held in Singapore, amongst other scientists from 18 superior and developed nations.

The prolific maternal, child and HIV researcher, whose findings
will help steer benchmarking graphs for community health work initiatives in Kenya, among them Beyond Zero was accorded a standing ovation and a merit of recognition following his research nolvety as the best scientifically argued orally in a pertinent issue on pregnancy outcomes relative to HIV and comorbidities as entwined in immune reconstitution.

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“In relation to maternal and pregnancy outcomes, IRIS mmune is a rare and tricky phenomenon that is baffling scientists across Africa and Asia – as the world matches towards the uncharted 20th Century medical world” said John Kyalo Muthuka after arrival on Sunday.

In layman terms, Immmune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome (IRIS ), is a condition seen in some cases of AIDS or immunosuppression, in which the immune system begins to recover, but then responds to a previously acquired opportunistic infection with an overwhelming inflammatory response that paradoxically makes the symptoms of infection worse.

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At the caucus Kyalo Muthuka emerged the best with a scientifically and orally presented nolvety worth application in health care delivery, under his Cohort at the Singapore Consortium – among other 29 peer reserchers working on the same medical track.

Now the Kenyan PhD fellow from Kitui will enjoy banquets, including free conferencing in any conference of his choice, under his theme of practice and journal publication for free – solely on his research findings, the Asian medical consortium organisers said Sartuday.

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” I always see gaps and endevour to dig further to establish the phenomenological existence, that’s me with research. My research will help prop up maternal health in Kenya and in Sub Saharan Africa whose demographics we share”he said on Sunday after jetting back to the country.