Kyalo Muli Message to Raila Odinga Leaves Netizens Awed In Kenya



Dubai based businessman Mr Augustine Kyalo Muli has called for the end of Mass Demonstration in Kenya to save the country from unprecedented political turmoil.

In a statement shared to The TCD, Muli wrote.

“I call for peace : Last Monday saw a change in the dynamics of the Azimio led demonstrations where unkown people resorted to destruction of property and saw a church being torched”

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Every true patriot in Kenya must see where this is now leading to. As much as we have a right under the constitution to picket and hold our government to account, our love for Kenya must be strong enough to know when we are pushing too far.

The way we are now heading as a nation is definitely not the way to lower prices and to the opening of servers. We are instead heading to higher prices and to more loss of lives.

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Which tourist will come to Kenya under the current situation? Just 7 months after elections when we should be expecting foreign investors, which investor will risk bringing his money to Kenya?

It’s time for all patriots to take stock of where we are as a nation.If we really love Kenya, let’s find healthier ways to engage each other.

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No one will benefit if Kenya burns to the ground.

I call for peace.