No Babies On The Assembly Floor As Kwale Women Rep Is Kicked Out



KWALE- Women representatives hon Zuleika Hassan has been kicked out of Parliament chambers for going in with her baby.

The male-dominated national assembly is on the wrong side of history yet again following the move to kick out the mp who came with her breastfeeding child to the floor of the house.

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Lawmaker Zulekha Hassan was ordered out of Parliament on Wednesday morning when she arrived with a baby.
Ms Hassan stated that she did not have a choice due to an emergency & that the issue would not have arisen if childcare facilities were available at Parliament.

The social media platform were awash with the majority of netizens castigating the house leadership for being insensitive, and too official for nothing , Kenyan have asked the assembly leadership to review their standing orders, kicking out the member of the house because she was having a breastfeeding child was insensitive to say the least, muvyulia said.