Kuvasila Warns Chinese Gypsum Company On Waste Dumping in Mwingi



A Chinese company mining gypsum at Enziu, Mwingi Sub County has been warned against arbitrary dumping of it’s waste especially in Enziu Dam, local media reported today.

Advising the Erdermann Gypsum Ltd to find alternative dumping site for waste accrued from the gypsum mining company located along Gsa Rd, popular Ag Environment and Natural Resources Minister Hon. Koki Musau admonished and advised the managers to adhere to the Toxic and Hazardous Industrial Chemicals and Materials Management Regulations 2018.

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Residents have been perenially complaining that the nearby dam is contaminated and poses a health risk and hazard to more than 100 households including school children, media reports said today.

“We have inspected the ENZIU based Erdermann Gypsum Ltd company and advised that they must dispose waste in accordance with the waste acceptance criteria and in a separate cell that does not contain biodegradable waste.

We at Kitui County take a pragmatic and proportionate approach to enforcing the regulations and will take enforcement action against those who flout Environmental rules on waste dumping.

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The popular Minister also observed that the company staff had also complained of mistreatment by management including an acute lack of health safety standards.

“I have also requested that the management makes an order for protective gear and durable aprons and gloves cure from KICOTEC” said Hon. Koki Musau.

Addressing members of the Enziu Community, Hon. Koki Musau (Kuvasila) said key burning issues including staff remuneration will form the basis of lobbying by the County Government of Kitui on behalf of the residents.

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A community transformer will also be installed courtesy of Kitui Governor H.E Charity Ngilu including water in tanks, a metrological centre and an ablution block. The Governor also promised to lobby for a dispensary from the company, as part of it’s Company Community Responsibility mandate.