Kuvasila Triumph Entry in Mbondoni tilts Mwingi West Politics, Nguna Must be Worried



Mwingi WEST Parliamentary hopeful Hon Patrick Koki Musau on Tuesday escalated his meet people tour in mbondoni and Kiomo kiethani ward in Mwingi west.

A convoy of more than 400 Boda Boda riders and over 27 Nissan matatu operators escorted their leader in a electrified triumph entry into Kiomo kiethani and mbondoni.

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The Minister who is in charge of Environment and natural resources is running for Mwingi West Parliamentary race was received like a king by the residents of mbondoni area and Kiomo kiethani Ward.

Speakers after speaker welcomed hon Patrick Koki Musau candidature for Mwingi west and pledged to make sure he clinches the seat in August general election.

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Former Nguna’s Political Strategists who decamped from Nguna’s camp led by Mr Nyamai Muthui escalated their onslaught against the Incumbent member of Parliament hon Charles Nguna.

The Nguna’s cup tournament which has dominated the Consituency came under sharp criticism from the speakers who spoke during the tour.

Decorated business man In WINZIE Mr Mamba Pledged to Sponsor Koki Musau.

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From the look of things, it will be two-horse race in mwingi west pitting Hon Patrick Koki Musau and Hon Charles Nguna according to the residents who spoke to the TCD, the other aspirants are reported to have withdrawn from the race to page way for the Due contest.