Kuvasila Represents Ngilu during Burial in Mwingi West, drum up support for his parliamentary bid



    On Friday, January 28th 2022 – at  Kalimani Village, Nzalae Location, Ngutani Ward, Mwingi West Sub-County. Ngilu’s top Minister Hon Patrick Koki Musau escalated his campaign trail in mwingi west.

    The Minister in charge of Environment, Tourism, Climate Change and Natural Resources who is also the incoming Mwingi West MP 2022 Hon Patrick Koki Musau earlier today joined mourners friends and family of the late Mzee James Imonye Ndiku for a church service and later his lying to rest at his Kalimani farm, Nzalae Location, Nguutani Ward.

    The County Executive was representing Kitui County Governor H.E Hon Charity Kaluki Ngilu, the Country Diary reports.

    The CEM highlighted Governor Ngilu’s development projects already done in Nzalae Location which includes titling program which she initiated recently.

    The County Executive who was escorted by Mwingi West supporters and and a fleet of Boda boda riders from Nzalae location eulogized Mzee James Imonye Ndiku as an humble social person who was very hard working and interacted with people of all ages.

    He called upon the family members to remain together and united so as to sustain the legacy Mzee Imonye has left.

    He further drummed support for his election as Mwingi West MP on 9th August 2022, he urged residents register in large numbers so that they can vote for him overwhelmingly on that day.

    He promised to fit St Patrick’s Nzalae Catholic Church Choir with uniform as soon as they will give their fittings.

    Others present was the area MCA Hon Stephen Ileve a.k.a Muthale, Hon Kuvasila’s powerful campaign team mostly comprised of top former campaigners of the incumbent MP who has already defected from him and joined hands to support Hon Patrick Koki Musau’s candidature to Parliament led by chairman Mr David Kyenza, Mr Nyamai Muthui, Sir Wakisivi a.k.a Mamba among others.

    From the funeral, the County Executive and his team will continue with meet the people tour sensitizing them to register massively.

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