Kuvasila grand entry into Kanyaa Market sets the tongue Wagging in Mwingi West



Kitui Minister for the environment, tourism, climate change and natural resources Hon Patrick Koki Musau on Sunday escalated his meet people tour in Mwingi West.

The CECM urged residents to take the Advantage of IEBC window and register as voters so that the they can participate in the next coming general election in August polls.

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Kuvasila was accompanying by his lethal campaign team which defected from the incumbent.

While representing the Governor Ngilu administration in Mwingi West on several occurrences. The CECM is attended the church service at St Joseph Kanyaa Catholic Church for Spiritual nourishment ahead of the busy day.

At kanyaa market, hon Patrick Musau held a political rally which was attended by over 700 people and declared that he will running for the Parliamentary seat in August polls.

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