KSH 94.35 Billions owed to 47 Counties as Devolution faces eminent Collapse



Devolution Highlights: THE DELAYED FRUITS & FRUSTRATIONS OF DEVOLVED DEMOCRACY !Improving support on resource allocation for efficiency in devolved governance will fastrack the public service delivery.

The Delayed Devolution Fruits:The fruits of devolution are anchored in the promulgated constitution, which has an established economic and administrative implication on devolution~its alarming that counties are heading to tough times due to financial crisis.

The 14-day ultimatum to shut down the counties operations isn’t a deliberate decision from the council of governors,the blame lies in the national executive either through the section of the senate~the custodians of devolution.

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The public is not interested in a mismatch of words that there was a bad expenditure on some governors by a non-political & non elected entity of the Controller of Budget,CRA or Office of the Auditor General.

THE COUNTIES FRUSTRATIONS:There is minimal impact on devolution, which lies in the country’s governance framework.

The departure from the previous powerful president with the cabinet ministers executing political,administrative, and fiscal powers is over with the onset of Counties governments,for over 10 years devolution is yet to be sufficiently felt!!

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Devolution is about:Decentralisation of dimensions of power, which entails the following:1. Political 47 county assemblies.2. Counties Administrative functional ministries.3.Fiscal ~ Financial authority and revenue generation.

The 47 governors are subject to national policies and laws approved by Parliament,the oversight is directly by controller of budget or the auditor general.

The most efficient outcome of devolution is the Equitable Income Distribution which should be:

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Efficient and

The looming shut down of the 47 counties is a result of absence of the above aspects.

Strong slamming goes to the few activists blindly blaming the Governors for political fame~the activists need to soberly direct their petitions to the other players at the national assemblies and the accountable National executives.

The public desires to achieve the allocation or productive efficiency out of their taxes.

The pressure on devolution is biased.In consultations, collaborations, and bipartisan talks with the 47 counties.

The looming devolution financial crisis is almost ruining the 47 governors’ service delivery manifestoes