Kivou MCA Hon. Maema Requests Ample Cooperation From Executive As He Grades More Roads



Kivou Ward MCA Hon Maema is requesting ample cooperation from the Kitui County Executive during this period of project construction and grading of following feeder roads.

From Dumping Site to Kyanika Secondary and Magoloma drift thro CLIDP.

Syumikuku to Kwa Rose Mulyungi Yambyu.Ikuuni thro Waasya to Kalilii Shopping Centre.

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Ikuuni thro Sammy Kilonzi to KanzokaWaasya junction thro Kanzoka to Kasarani and it’s feeder roads.

Kasarani to NzuliKyanundu thro Kathanawani to Kasovoni river.

Grading from Thitha junction to IsekeleKwa Muraisi to Kwasyungere thro Enziu river.

From Karunga shopping centre to Enziu river Karunga to Kwa Chief Munuve

From Kwa Mbungu to Nzuli

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Tarmacking from Mwingi Law Courts to Target Furnitures.