Kivoto Turns Her Farm In Arid MUTOMO Into a land of Plenty


Smart Farming

A notable farmer based in Kitui South is working on a new multimillion irrigation farming locally known as (Mingeto) which is attracting thousands of admirers from far and wide.

The daring former Chief Officer in charge of Trade and Cooperatives Madam Gladyis Kivoto is not your ordinary woman, thanks to women leaders.

Union plantation in Kitui south

“As people continue to lash at the Government for employment, the farmer has converted her shamba into a small Garden of Eden prototype, despite it being an arid semi area” said one of the visitors to the farm recently.

When the COUNTY DIARY visited the farmstead, we encountered hundreds of visitors benchmarking people all over Kitui either paying a courtesy calls,
benchmarking or just admiring her feat.

“We are learning more about the Mianda Irrigation farming” said Munyao Ngusu from Makueni.

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The budding agriculturalist is planting onions, maize, bananas, pineapples, pawpaws, mangoes, spinach, tomatoes, butternuts many more.

Anything can grow in fertile Kitui land and even rearing Chicken. Kienyeji chicken is doing well. One day old chick of mbata musinga sells at 1,000.

“according to Madam Kivoto, Onions harvest is fetching not less than 200k a quarter an acres, Now for the 2Acres, the projected target is not less than 2M in two months or so

Now, she is targeting 2m on two acres among other derivatives.

This initiative of harvesting rainy water and mingeto has not been embraced by various leaders, it’s a clean venture where you Make clean money, Gladys told Told News reporters.

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The pandemic has changed lives, people have lost jobs, majority of the people are at home, We should think out of the box instead of waiting for a pandemic to end, then go back to the offices, Madam Gladys Added.

The agriculturist is using manual water pan constructed from her shamba at a cost of 30k, the farm liner is 40k and stores over 200,000litres of rainwater equivalent to 20tanks of 10,000 litres.

The popular Mungeto is in Kithini stream 2km from mutomo on kanziko road, Meant to slow the water that pump to the water pans beside the ground flowing water, due to accumulation of the sand, the water levels Wil go up, Expert Say.

Covid-19 is going to lead to many people losing their jobs and this is a money-making initiative beside food security. Our land is our wealth, “Gladys Clarion call”

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This is how we are storing our clean 18tanks of 10,000litres, The clean rainwater collected from all the roof in the compound. This is our reservoir, And the Water problem is fully sorted till the next rain season.

The government can support the households by providing them with the dam liners and the household does the water pan and the issue of water which is basic need is partially shorted.

The water can also be used for kitchen gardening…

Onion plantation in mutomo

Madam Gladys Kivoto admiring kienyezi Chicken