Kitui’s Officer With Bloated Ego Humbled, Official Car Impounded


By Our Mole.

Ngilu’s Proud Officer With Bloated Ego like that of Kilimanjaro has been Humbled, Official car Impounded.

In a move to restore confidence within the administration and outside ahead of 2022 General Election – the Governor has cleverly moved to trim one of her top officer who’s has a bloated ego that resembles that of Kilimanjaro.

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The officer who is alleged to have been threatening other officers and contractors has been rendered obsolete within the government.

He will be using his personal car despite being in an influential department oh parhaps Nduthi “Nthi ndii maana”, the earth is not our place.

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His official car has been impounded, he has been Dehorned, reminded that he is equal to his fellow officers, be humble, God loved those who are unpretentious.

The proclamation has been served raw and hot like Indian chilli dinner, With Governor reminding her officers that, “she is the boss, and needs service delivery not slideshows”.

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