Kitui’s GARDEN of Eden – farmer Kivoto in Mass Production of butternuts

Madam Glady Kivoto harvesting butternuts in her farm.

The farmer in the semi-arid area in kitui south is making headline locally and nationally for converting her shamba as Mutomo Garden of Heaven – and source food basket in kitui county.

Madam Gladys Kivoto is harvesting butternuts, maize, pawpaws, tones of onions among other foodstuffs in a dry area, the COUNTY DIARY Agribusiness Segment reports.

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The products are essential in this time the population in the country need to boost body immunity as nation battle the Covid19 virus.

Benefits of butternutes explained.

Kitui plans to promote the use of technology in agriculture in order to boost the county’s food security, a government official has said.

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The county government of kitui will put in place conducive policies and regulatory frameworks to enhance uptake of Information and Communication Technology services especially among small-scale farmers, Waziri Kisangau told The County Diary.

“With technology, farmers will access credit, appropriate inputs as well as markets which will enhance the supply of food in the market”.

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Madam Gladys Kivoto has constructed cost effective several fish ponds in her farm for irrigation , farmer has made Mutomo’s Garden of Eden in Mass production of butternuts, pawpaw, maize, onions among other foodstuffs.

You can reach the farmer Madam Gladys Kivoto +254722700987 for More information on butternuts success farming