By Steve mumbu

Smart Farm

Hope as jobless Kitui youth turns to poultry farming for wealth creation.

The future is bright for Joshua Mutunga Musili, a resident of Endui village in Waita Mwingi Central Constituency. The young man abandoned white color jobs and engaged in poultry farming as a source of income.

After his cattle rearing farming became bleak due to lack of animal feed as a result of low and unpredictable rainfall, Musili decided to start improved chicks rearing known as Kuroiler in January 2017 in his Kasiva Kuroiler farm.

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Kuroiler is an improved indeginous (Kienyeji) chicken which is more resistant to diseases, has fast growth and of greater productivity.

After Musili started Kasiva Kuroiler farm, a self help group by the name Waita Self Help Group was started bringing together individuals with a common goal in poultry farming. The group currently has over 50 registered members.

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Kasiva Kuroiler farm currently sells over *500 Kuroiler chicks per week which translates to over Kshs 2.4 Million* annually. The cost of 1-3 days old chick is Kshs 100, 1week old Kshs 130, 2 weeks old Kshs 160, 3 weeks old Kshs 200 and 4 weeks old Kshs 240. Cockerels costs between 1000 and 1500.

Kasiva Kuroiler farm has been of immense help to the local community and offers basic learning on poultry farming to nearby schools and beyond.