Kitui youth leaders told to shun jealousy, pride & focus on transformational agenda



The young leaders in Kitui County should engage in profit making ventures but not making noise from sunrise to sunset or from January to December! prolific blogger Steve Mumbu has said.

The elected or de facto ‘youth leaders’ should focus on transformative leadership that supports the young people in securing employment and empowerment opportunities but not being too mouthy on empty talks, pride and jealousy.

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Otherwise, the youth should be led by visionary youth leaders (below 35 years) who can steer them forward in terms of personal development and harness the myriad opportunities for the youth in the county governments, national government and the private sector as well. Youth leadership in our county has terribly failed the young people but ‘achieved’ only in brewing confusion, hate and division.

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It’s time for the real youth leaders to be strong and arise to lead their peers to prosperity, otherwise the imposter and old ‘youthful’ leaders will continue to torment the youth.

(The writer is a
Governance and Human Rights expert & Blogger)