Kitui youth arrested for conning 9 journalists



By guest contributor julius Mulei

11th january 2019

I would like to put across the FACTS that led to the arrest of Eric Nzangi against what is being peddled by a few bloggers and a few busy bodies in his support.From reliable sources which spoke to me in discreet, it is justifiable that Eric Nzangi has involved himself in conning of people in kitui town.

The fact is that late last year In August Eric Nzangi met a cluster of journalists from different radio stations among them County FM, Mbaitu FM, Kwetu FM, Mwatu FM, Ene FM, Musyi FM, Thome FM and lastly the news agency KNA claiming to open for them a Limited Company. It is true that every radio station had one representative as mentioned above totalling to 9 journalist in number.

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It has also been found that Eric Nzangi was given money totalling to ksh10,850 for registration process to be complete. This money is found out to have been given by news agency representatives at KNA Offices in Kitui Town, It is also justifiable that after the said conman was given the money, he went missing and when the leaders from the journalists team tried to reach Nzangi after a long time their calls went unanswered hence became suspicious of the deal.After their efforts to reach Eric for quite some time became futile, they decided to reach out to the security officers and see how they can be helped through this menace. Therefore, a decision was reached that they should call County Commander for assistance. The hurt journalists reached on the County Commander Antony Kamitu in December and a decision was reached that a thorough search for Nzangi who has been missing for sometime should commence immediately.


~Later, after a long search, Eric Nzangi a local based Kitui Blogger was arrested on 10th January, 2019 at a certain cyber cafe owned by one Boniface in Muli Mull Arcade at around 15:00 hrs remanded in Kitui Police Station. It has also been found that after Nzangi was arrested, several people among them a Kitui businessman Kyalo -Kafoca, Athi Ward MCA Peter Kilonzo (Tangawizi), Kanziku MCA James Munuve were the first people to visit him at the police station.It is also true that Eric Nzangi today around 09:00hrs was released after Mr. Kyalo -Kafoca paid to the journalists Kshs 15,000. He was picked up by former Kitui East parliamentary contestant Mr. Kitili Kyenza who came second last in the last general elections and driven to a unknown destination.

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Those people yapping around like honey sheep’s saying that Nzangi’s woes are as a result of the County Government of Kitui should now get the right information and let each and everyone carry his own cross… Kitui County government is busy delivering to its people. I therefore, as ask youth to stop idling around and find out something to do to prevent themselves from engaging in theft and conmanship.


Julius Mulei