Kitui Young Leaders hold Consultative convention ahead of the August polls



A Section of youthful leaders drawn from each ward in kitui County on Friday held high level consultative Convention to deliberate and converse on the future of Kitui county ahead of the general election.

The team after intense deliberation, the battalion unequivocally agreed to be part of the next government having suffered under the previous governments.

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The team appointed a committee of four of people to draft a memorandum of understanding to be presented to the leading governor candidate before an endorsement is officially made in the presence of the preferred candidate.

In few days, an official statement and subsequent endorsement will be issued, among those attended include, Ben Kilonzo, yoana Kimwele, Frank kilonzo, Edward Kituva, Patrick Safari, ambassador Jeff, Erustus Kombulu, Kapolo, Joyce Mutema, Ngumbau of Gtap, Moses Munyalo, Obed Kasua among other notable youthful leaders

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The meeting was held at Lacienda Garden hotel in Kitui County.

The young leaders said they must be in the next Government having seen two successive governments where only a few benefited from the same governments.