Kitui workers Union Tell off Ngilu Critics


7th April 2019

By Our Reporter

Kitui county workers led by the able chairman Stephen Kitheka have defended Governor Charity Ngilu against attacks by Kitui senator and MCAs, saying she should be given time to deliver on her election promises.

“We want all elected leaders in Kitui to end political squabbles with the Governor as we have witnessed in the last two years,” they said in a statement signed by Kitui branch of the Kenya County Government Workers Union.

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The leaders should shun detrimental politic and help the governor deliver on her manifesto to the people of Kitui as the priority number.

The elected leaders should give the governor humble time to deliver on her agenda to the people of Kitui,” the workers said.

Should leaders fail to end squabbling with the governor, the workers would intervene by paralysing the activities of county assembly, they warned.

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Union branch chairman Kwanda Kitheka said the workers back Ngilu because she has a positive agenda that will move Kitui to prosperity.

The workers said they were happy with Ngilu for ordering reinstatement of six enforcement officers who were sacked.