Kitui Women Rep Protest Lowering of Sexual Consent


10th April 2019

By county diary

Kitui women representative hon Dr Irene kasalu has protested against the proposals to lower the sexual consent from 18yr to 16yrs.

The controversial proposals by Kenyan judges said the sexual consent should be repealed by legislators and if possible be reduced to 16 years from 18 yrs.

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Dr Irene spoke when she toured Mwingi central constituency, Mwingi North during sensitization of women groups.

The angry women representative said instead the sexual age consent should be pushed up to 20yrs to allow our girls to mature and be able to make the right decision.

She also said men who rape underage girls should have their manhood be chopped off, without mercy to give a strong message to all sex predators

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She also added the women league in parliament have agreed to shoot down that proposal once it’s presented to the floor of the national assembly.

She urged parents and guardians in kitui to take great care of their underage girls and report all manner sexual offences to authorities.

She called upon police to arrest all suspected parents who collude with sexual predators to settle out the matter without due process is followed, we must eradicate these criminals and characters in our midst the angry kasalu added