Kitui Wiper Senator Hon Enoch Wambua Oppose Referendum calls.


Story by CD Reporter

15th October 2018

Kitui senator hon Enoch Kio wambua says kenyan are not ready for referendum which is meant to give individuals jobs, kenyan are already over taxed and its Unrealistic calls for politician to push their personal gain in the name of referendum, the Senator was speaking at mulutu market on Sunday.

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The wiper Senator hon Wambua said the referendum will cost kenyan Over 3 Billion the money which could have been used into a meaningful use , the Senator said.We must ask ourselves hard questions before we agree on the calls, what is that needs to be addressed through referendum? The Senator wondered ama Ni kupea viongozi nafasi za kukaa kwa office?

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We need to have this discussion soberly for the betterment of Kenyan people not individual politician benefits. Kenya is bigger than individual benefits, the Senator said.