Kitui west Residents to Benefit with Ngilu’s Water Provisions agenda


By: Brian Malasi.

Proposals are underway to strengthen water reticulation in Kitui West and Kitui Central Sub-Counties.
This was disclosed by Governor Charity Ngilu earlier today while on a tour of the 2 Sub-Counties to establish the water situation in the areas.

Funded but the National Government and enforced through the Kitui Water and Sewerage Company, KITWASCO, this project will see water reticulated from Masinga Dam to various water points in the two Sub-Counties.

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Amongst the designated market places set to benefit are kyangulu, Nzinia, Mbuini, Kakeani and Kalambya in Kitui West, and Mulutu and Mangina amongst others in Kitui Central Sub-County.

Governor Ngilu was accompanied by Kioko Kiilu, Water and Irrigation Chief Officer, Mr.Geofry Kitonga, the Managing Director KITUWASCO and a host of other leaders.

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