Kitui West Elites Cry Foul Over Injustice as The Search for Replacement Intensify


By Kitui West Reporter.

Damaging combat to control Kitui West resources which comes from the national Government is brewing to the high heaven if not rectified, the COUNTY DIARY has learnt.

The current leadership has been accused of controlling and micro managing all major government tenders from KERRA, KURA, to CDF projects at the expense of the other local contractors who have been left to watch as few guys run shows.

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Kitui west is made of the top elites in Kitui county but dynasties seems to have taken advantage of the population.

The search for the replacement of the current member of parliament hon Vethi Nyenze is in top gear as elites continue to consult, scout for the best among themselves to take on the popular Mp.

According to Mukuyi a voter in Kabati, Mrs Nyenze remains a strong Candidate to beat, she enjoys her late husband’s goodwill among Kitui west, and she has a strong bond with women in the area.

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Speaking exclusively with the COUNTY DIARY EDITOR, one of the disgruntled elite and contractor accused the current Mp Hon Edith Nyenze for presiding injustice in the awarding of CDF Tenders.

Photo file, Kitui west Mp Hon Vethi Nyenze waving to a crowd in a past function.