Kitui Residents To Enjoy Subsidies At The Taps As KITWASCO Concludes 3rd AGM


By Our Correspondent

Residents in Kitui will soon enjoy subsidized water rates at the taps.

This is after the management of the Water and Sanitation Company Limited (KITWASCO)reduced the company’s non revenue water from 70 per cent to 55 per cent.

“This will be possible through the installation of the master and zonal meters, installation of the robust billing software and introduction of smart phones that has led to the increased meter reading efficiency” said KIWASCO MD kitonga Kiita.

The company’s Managing Director, Geoffrey Kitonga Kiita, further said that they have intensified the tracking of illegal connections and unauthorised reconnections through the use of the modern technology.

The officer disclosed that the company’s revenue base has been widened from 7.5 million shillings to 12.9 million shillings per month. “As a result, we are able to make timely purchases of fittings and chemicals thus increasing customer satisfaction, ” he added.

Kiita was speaking to the staff and stakeholders of the Kitui Water and Sanitation Company Limited during the company’s 3rd annual general meeting held at the Kitui Multipurpose Development Training Institute recently where the Kitui County Agriculture,

Water and Livestock Development Minister Emmanuel Kisangau was the chief guest at the function.

The participants were from Kitui and Machakos Counties. The company is under the Kitui County Agriculture, Water and Livestock Development Ministry. Its headquarters is in Kitui Town and it serves Kitui County and some parts of Machakos County.

Kiita announced that the new connections have increased by 8 per cent in this year. He said that the management has embarked on replacement of the old non-functional meters with the new ones at no cost to the customer.

“The same are replaced with seals to prevent the water theft,” the water company chief said. He announced that the company’s transportation system has been enhanced through purchase of additional 16 motorbikes leading to the efficient delivery of their services.

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Kiita said that their current transformative strategic plan is a roadmap for achieving the intended short-term and long-term objectives. “I am confident that with support from the stakeholders, the board of directors and the dedicated staff together we will navigate the challenges and threats we still face and ultimately ensure our customers are satisfied,” the expert said.

He said that most of their pumping equipments that were non-functional have been replaced with the new ones increasing the water production. “The water production at our main source is 12,000 cubic meters per day. We propose to pump to design capacity of 18,000 cubic meters per day,” the MD added.

Kiita said they have continued to ensure that the water quality standards are maintained through daily monitoring programmes and surveillance. He added that most of the borehole water pumps that were non-functional have been rehabilitated and are now operational.

The expert announced that the storage capacity has been increased by 1,040 cubic meters both at the Kwa Vonza and Mutomo areas of Kitui County. “Further I would like to report to our participants today that due to the current biting drought.

The Tana and Athi Water Works Development Agency and our company through subsidy from the national government, we continue to provide water to the most prone drought areas of the Mutitu, Nzambani, Mutomo, Ikutha, Kisasi, Lower Yatta, Kitui Central and Katulani Districts under the drought mitigation programme,” the official said. On the company’s future projects,

“The last mile connectivity starting early August 2019, some 2,500 new customers will be connected to sewer line and further rehabilitate the Masinga-Kitui water pipeline for effective and efficient water supply,” Kiita said.

The Masinga Dam is in Machakos County and as a result, the Kitui Water and Sanitation Company serves some parts of the Machakos County.

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Kiita said the Kitui Town reticulation system in the town’s central business district is under rehabilitation. The officer announced that they (the company) worked hard towards rehabilitating the Voo Community Borehole at the Voo market in Voo Location, Mutha Division in Mutomo District that was destroyed by the rains last year.

“We did the rehabilitation through support from Kitui County government,” he said. He also announced that they have transferred the company’s Masinga Dam sub-station office to the Kaewa area in Masinga District in Machakos County “because we need to be near you.” And he added that they are going to have some other sub-stations within some other areas of Masinga District including the Kivaa Location.

Mr. Kiita announced that they have arrested some people who are stealing the company’s water. “Anybody stealing the company’s water should be arrested. We have handed the culprits to the CID officers and the police,” he said.

The officer announced that they are in the process of purchasing some water tanks to supply water to the hospitals, dispensaries, and schools. He also announced that they are constructing a waste treating plant at the Mutomo market through a donor’s support.

“I conclude my report by thanking the Kitui County government for continued support more specifically on subsidy towards the payment of electricity for the Masinga Pumping Station and the decisive action that the governor took to rehabilitate the Masinga-Kitui Water Pipeline for phase two which serves Kitui County direct with water.

You must have seen the improved water supply in Kitui Town. Thank you and God bless you,” he said. On his part, Minister Kisangau said their objective of starting the Kitui Water and Sanitation Company is to provide water to their people. The minister disclosed that they are targeting to provide water to about 700,000 people in Kitui County.

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“Losing the water through theft and others means that we are putting money into a drain. And as a result, we can’t be able to serve our 700,000 people,” Kisangau said. “We use electricity to pump water from the Masinga Dam on a daily basis.

I need to say that we are the stakeholders and are the people who need this water,” he said. The minister regretted that they lose much of their water through theft among others. And he said they are doing all they can towards dealing with the problems.

He announced that the electricity bill that they pay to the Kenya Power and Lighting Company has risen from 90 million shillings per year to almost 120 million shillings per year.

“Let us make the KITWASCO a company that we are proud of,” the minister told the company staff and stakeholders. He told them to call him and notify him or any other officer when there is some company’s leaking water for the problem to be dealt with for the good of the commodity.

The KITWASCO Chairman, Reverend Joseph Simba, who also addressed the occasion, announced that the company was started in 2006. “We have talked about water today. The water is life,” Simba said.

And in his speech, an official from the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) Kitui County Office, Chris Mutua, thanked the KITWASCO for its good leadership in terms of the water supply to the people. “We as the business people are happy with your services.

We benefit a lot from your services,” Mutua said. He had represented the KNCCI Kitui County Chairman Duncan Kisilu Singi at the function.