Kitui Urban development trajectory takes shape as Netizens express unfold joy


    Kitui Governor Dr. Malombe’s government is carrying out facelifting works for Kitui Municipality to remodel the town to fit her municipality’s standards.

    This is part of the work ongoing under the County Department of Urban Development. Kitui is now a vibrant town experiencing significant growth and development as its urbanization trajectory takes shape.

    With the advancement of technology and the increasing use of social media, Kitui’s residents, commonly referred to as Netizens, the Urban development trajectory is taking shape as Netizens continue to express unfold joy for participating in shaping the town’s urban development.

    Kitui County Department of Urban Development has turned the two major towns of Kitui and Mwingi into professional centers of excellence, the Embu County officials on 8th July 2023 sent senior officials for a complete two-day benchmarking tour of Kitui town. A mong snippet being sought after by the Embu professionals was an understanding of how to operationalize their own Embu Municipality, which by all standards Kitui is ahead, following Dr. Malombe’s current and first-term massive investment into the ever-growing South Eastern metropolitan. C.O Evans Mutemi took time out of his busy schedule to detail some of the projects being implemented by Kitui Municipality to enhance urban mobility and aesthetics. Ithookwe Show Ground feeder road tarmacking, pedestrian walkways, drainage, and street lighting are among the conspicuous state-of-the-art facilities!

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    The Kitui County Promise continues to take shape, Netizens using social media platforms continue to voice their opinions, share ideas, and suggest improvements for the town’s infrastructure and services, the TCD digital reports.

    Through various online platforms, Netizens have initiated discussions about better waste management systems, improved road networks, and the need for more recreational facilities in Kitui.

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    Their active participation and engagement in these discussions on kitui professional chat, an online forum for who is who has gained the attention of government officials and urban planners, who are now incorporating these ideas into the town’s development plans.

    The Netizens’ collective voice has become an essential aspect of the urban development trajectory, ensuring that the town grows in a way that reflects the needs and aspirations of its residents.


    The role of Netizens in shaping Kitui’s urban development trajectory is a testament to the power of community engagement and the impact of social media. By actively participating in discussions and sharing ideas, Netizens are ensuring that the town’s growth is not just a top-down approach but a collaborative effort between residents and local authorities.

    This inclusive approach to development is crucial in creating a vibrant and sustainable urban environment that caters to the needs of all residents. As Kitui continues to evolve, the involvement of Netizens will remain a driving force in shaping its urban development path.