Kitui: Toyota Pickup swept by Swollen Thua River, Occupants rescued by Local Divers



A Toyota Pick up has been swept by Swollen Thua River near Voo town, Nzanzu sublocation, Kyamatu location, Mwitika Division,
Kyamatu Location,Mutitu Subcounty.

The Occupants have rescued by Local Divers, according to Incident reported by local authorities.

On Thursday 16/12/2021 At 12:00 noon and 13:00 hrs a pickup Toyota Hilux had drowned at thua river while transporting water tanks,the driver and two other helpers were rescued by local divers safely the pickup has deeply sunk down the only thing seen floating is the water tank as the eyewitnesses are reporting.

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Report made by the local village elder kalani village.
The Area Assistant chief Nzanzu confirmed the incident!.

Kitui County Commissioner Mr Thomas Sankei has cautioned drivers against crossing swollen rivers during this rainy season.