Kitui Township MCA Candidate Alex Mwendwa Mwaniki Shines During Azimio Rally



Alex Mwendwa Mwaniki, an aspiring Member of the County assembly for kitui township was among leaders who attended the azimio Oka Political rally in Kalundu Market, kitui Town.

In an electrified and charged political rally attended by Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka and other azimio top brass.

Alex Mwaniki was singled out to pray for the rally and was allowed to greet and converse with azimio Presidential candidate Rt Hon Raila Odinga.

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Alex Mwaniki who is vying for Kitui township on the Safina party was only the Only MCA candidate who got an opportunity to converse with Baba leaving other MCA candidates looking like the homeless and lost kasanova.